Marriage and the Family

  1. Birth control: a statement of Christian doctrine against the Neo-Malthusians, by Sutherland, Halliday (New York : P. J. Kenedy & sons, 1922). Available at, Internet Archive and Open Library. Apologetics, Bioethics, Ethics, Morals.
  2. The Christian Father; what he should be, and what he should do, together with a collection of prayers suitable to his condition, by Right Rev. W. Cramer, Bishop of Munster, translated by Rev. L.A. Lambert (New York: Benziger Brothers, 1883). With Imprimatur. Available on Internet Archive and Open Library. [NB, Both of the Internet Archive and Open Library entries mistakenly index the book as Lives of the popes in the early middle ages, by Horace Kinder Mann, Johannes Hollnsteiner, but the document links lead to The Christian Father. I’ll check it every now and then to see if the index is modified.]
  3. Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. Available at the Holy See.
  4. Dignitas Connubii: Instruction to be Observed by Diocesan and Interdiocesan Tribunals in Handling Causes of the Nullity of Marriage, by the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, January 25, 2005. Available at the Holy See and
  5. Essay on Love, by Ernest R. Hull, S.J. (Bombay: Examiner Press; St. Louis, Mo.: B. Herder; etc., 1912). Available at Internet Archive and Open Library.
  6. Eugenics and Other Evils, by G.K. Chesterton (1922). Available at and Project Gutenberg.
  7. The Law of Christian Marriage According to the Teaching and Discipline of the Catholic Church, by Arthur Devine (London: Washbourne, 1908). With Imprimatur. Available on Internet Archive and Open Library (Digitizing sponsor: MSN; Book contributor: Kelly Library, University of Toronto).
  8. Living Tradition: Organ of the Roman Theological Forum, no. 43 (September-November 1992). Contains “The Ex Cathedra Status of the Encyclical Humanae Vitae”, by Brian W. Harrison. Available at the Roman Theological Forum..
  9. Marriage and Parenthood, the Catholic Ideal, by Thomas John Gerrard (New York: J. F. Wagner, 1911). With Imprimatur. Available on Internet Archive and Open Library (Digitizing sponsor: MSN; Book contributor: Cornell University Library).
  10. Ne Temere: Decree concerning betrothal and marriage, by the Sacred Congregation of the Council, August 10, 1907. May be read online at the EWTN Library.
  11. Pastoral letter of the Archbishops and Bishops of the United States Assembled in Conference at the Catholic University of America, September, 1919 (Washington, D.C., The National Catholic Welfare Council, 1920). Available at Open Library and  Internet Archive, with a 2nd copy here. [This is a restatement of doctrine and an exhortation on all aspects of the Catholic life in the United States.]
  12. The superstition of divorce, by G.K. Chesterton. Available at Internet Archive.
  13. Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. A tract that summarizes the theology of the body with representative excerpts of the Pope’s lectures/addresses. Indexed on JP2Info.
  14. Theology of the Body, by Pope John Paul II. Weekly Audiences on the subject of the Redemption of the Body and the Sacramentality of Marriage, September 5, 1979 – November 28, 1984. May be downloaded in PDF format from this webpage of Catholic Primer. May be read on Catechetics Online and on EWTN.
  15. Vegliare Con Sollecitudine: Address to the Italian Association of Catholic Midwives, by the Venerable Pope Pius XII, 29 October 1951. Variously referred to as “Address [or ‘Allocution’] to Midwives [or ‘Italian Midwives’ or ‘Catholic Midwives’]”, sometimes adding “on the Nature of Their Profession”. (1) An English translation may be read online on this page at the EWTN Librarieson this page of Papal Encyclicals Online, and at IntraText(IntraText Edition CT, copyright Èulogos 2007); and the same translation is available in .doc format through this page at Documenta Catholica Omnia. Brief excerpts are available on this page at Rorate Coeli, which, however, has the beginning paragraph of the address that is not included in this translation. (2) A different English translation, which appears to be longer and more complete, may be read online on this page of Catholic Culture. It is lifted from the pamphlet Marriage and the Moral Law: Two Addresses of Pope Pius XII: Catholic Truth Society No. S0231 (1957), which may be read online on this page at Catholic Truth Society Pamphlets; and on this page at e-Catholic 2000. [N.B., In addition to the Address to Midwives, the pamphlet includes “Nell’ordine Della Natura: Address to the Association Known as the ‘Family Campaign’ and Other Family Associations”26 November 1951.] (3) What is asserted to be a complete translation by Ron Conte (longer than the 1st translation above, of the same length as the 2nd) may be read online at Catholic Planet, linked from the reproach of Christ.

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