Sources of Free Catholic eBooks

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9 thoughts on “Sources of Free Catholic eBooks”

  1. carl arpon said:

    Absolutely great website!!!
    Glad l found it!

    Please check the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter: Resources link cuz it didn’t work when l clicked on it.

  2. Hi there is also free catholic books here:

  3. Valerie Tkachuk said:

    Did you list Free Traditional Catholic Books at http://www.traditional catholic,co

    • Not yet, as I didn’t know about it, but when I checked your link, I saw that it is indeed a great source of Catholic literature. Thank you very much for the heads-up; I’ll include it as soon as I am able.

  4. quintusnsachs said:

    Great resource! Will this be English only, or will this eventually be interlingual, like Librivox? I’ve just put a memo on (German catholic forum).

    • Hello, and thank you for the comment. For the moment most of the texts linked are in English, as that’s my primary language, but I also link to French, Spanish, and, less frequently, Portuguese texts when I can get a hold of them. I’ll try to link to German texts as well (one commenter had recommended a work by Saint Franz von Sales), but it’s a bit of challenge as I have little German. I would be grateful for your suggestions on how I might expand the library of links to German texts as well. God bless you!

  5. Adrian Fernando said:

    Glory to God. happy to have found a interesting site. Can you please find this book for me. “Church History: A Complete History of the Catholic Church to the Present Day
    Rev. Fr. John Laux, M.A.” It will be greatly appreciated.

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