List of Worth-It Catholic Books & eBooks

The following is a partial list of faithfully Catholic Christian book and ebooks that are available for worth-it prices, indexed for free:

  1. The Binding Force of Tradition, by Fr. Chad A. Ripperger, Ph.D. (Sensus Traditionis, 2013). 62 pages. The paperback be purchased on this page at Sensus Traditionis Press, at, and at Barnes & Noble. The ebook may be purchased at Amazon, and it may be read for free by persons with a Kindle Unlimited account. A review of this work by Ryan Grant may be read on this page of Rorate Coeli and on this page of Athanasius Contra Mundum.
  2. The Call of All Nations (De Vocatione Omnium Gentium) [450 AD], by St. Prosper of Aquitaine, translated and annotated by Dr. P. de Letter, S.J. (Westminster, Maryland: Newman Press; London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1952). Ancient Christian Writers: Works of the Fathers in Translation (edited by Johannes Quasten and Joseph C. Plumpe), No. 14. The book may be purchased at AbeBooks (Paulist Press, 1952) and (Paulist Press, 1978).
  3. Catholic Voices in a World on Fire: Traditional Catholic Reflections and Reports, by Thomas Storck, Deacon Keith Fournier, Frank J. Capone, Stephen Hand, etc.; edited by Stephen Hand. Available at Lulu Marketplace for $8.99. Includes articles [N.B., Republishes articles from the late great Catholic website TCR News.]
  4. The Christ of Faith: The Christology of the Church, by Karl Adam (Pantheon Books, 1957). The printed book may be purchased at
  5. Christian Spirituality in the Catholic Tradition, by Jordan Aumann, O.P. (San Francisco: Ignatius Press; London: Sheed & Ward, 1985, reprinted by Wipf and Stock Publishers, Eugene, Or.). With Imprimatur. May be purchased on this pageof Ignatius Press, at Barnes & Noble, and at com.  An edition printed by Continuum may be purchased at Bloomsbury. [A section entitled “St. Dominic and the Friars Preachers” may be read onlineat Ignatius Insight.]
  6. Cornelius a’Lapide’s Commentary on the Four Gospels(Loreto Publications). May be accessed through Loreto Publications. A free sample, the Commentary on Saint Matthew, chapter xvi, may be read online and read/downloaded in PDF format.
  7. Deliverance Prayers: For Use by the Laity (Sensus Traditionis Press, 2018). With Imprimatur. The paperback may be purchased on this page of Sensus Traditionis Press, on this page of Eucharistic Adoration Canada, Book Depository, on the shop of Our Sorrowful Mother’s Ministry, and Barnes & Noble. The paperback and ebook may be purchased at Amazon. [N.B., Although Amazon and other sellers identify Fr. Chad A Ripperger PhD as the author of the work, neither the publisher Sensus Traditionis nor the text itself does so.]
  8. Europe and the Faith, by Hilaire Belloc (TAN Books, 1992, repr. 2009). The paperback may be purchased on this pageof TAN Bookson this page of Marian Land, and at com. Other editions of the printed book may also be purchased: paperback (Lits, 2011) at; paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 14, 2015) at; paperback (Cavalier Books, 2018) at Barnes & Noble. Ebook editions are also available: kindle (Neeland Media LLC, 2004) at; kindle (Serapis Classics, 2017) at
  9. Fatima: A Message More Urgent Than Ever, by Luiz Sérgio Solimeo (Spring Grove, Penn.: American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property – TFP, 2008). The ebook may be purchased on this page at the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property. The ebook is also available in pdf format (on this page)and may be read online (on this page).
  10. For Love of My People I Will Not Remain Silent: On the Situation of the Church in China: A Series of Eight Lectures in Defense and Clarification of the 2007 Letter of Pope Benedict XVI to the Church in the People’s Republic of China, by Cardinal Joseph Zen, translated by Pierre G. Rossi (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2018). The paperback may be purchased on this page of Ignatius Press, on this page of Catholic Company, at Amazon, and at Barnes & Noble. The ebook may be purchased at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Summaries of the book are provided on these articles: “Cdl. Zen in new book: Vatican’s China ‘strategy was wrong, all about compromise and surrender’” on LifeSite, “The Price of Catholic Unity” on National Review, “Aiding and Abetting the Persecution of Chinese Catholics” on The American Conservative, “Cardinal Zen: Compelled to Speak” on National Catholic Register.
  11. The Humanity of Christ: Contributions to a Psychology of Jesus, by Romano Guardini, translated from the German by Ronald Walls (New York: Pantheon Books, 1964). With 1963 Imprimatur. May be purchased at, with a 2nd copy at
  12. In Love with the Church, by St. Josemaria Escriva (Scepter Publishers). The book may be purchased on this pageof Scepter Publisherson this page of the  Josemaria Instituteon this page of the Midwest Theological Forum; and at May be read online through through this page of Escriva A brief synopsis is available on this page of Opus Dei.
  13. Jesus’ Six Keys to a More Perfect You, by John O’Neill. Available at Smashwords and Amazon. Smashwords offers a 20% sample in multiple formats, and Amazon seems [I haven’t gotten it yet] to offer a sample as well. According to his blog Catholic Writers Notebook, Mr. O’Neill is an instructor and facilitator in parish catechetical and renewal programs with a seminary degree in Aristotelianism-Thomism and a year of post-graduate theology at the Catholic University of America. [NB: It was Mr. O’Neill’s comment on my Free eBooks List that had me start this list of worth-it ebooks. My bad, for forgetting that there are many many more Catholic ebooks out there.]
  14. Religious Art in France, XIII Century; A Study in Mediaeval Iconography and Its Sources of Inspiration, by Emile Mâle, translated from the 3rd edition by Dora Nussey (London, J. M. Dent & Sons, Ltd.; New York, E. P. Dutton & Co., 1913). Reprinted and sold by Dover as Religious Art in France of the Thirteenth Centuryand by Harper and Row as The Gothic Image: Religious Art in France of the Thirteenth Century. [N.B., Requires sufficient theological formation. While it is an excellent guide to Christian symbolism, it makes inaccurate or, at least, imprecise statements on certain teachings of the Church, particularly on grace and on the Assumption.]
  15. The Rule of St. Benedict: A Commentary, by the Right Rev. Dom Paul Delatte, Abbot of Solesmes and Superior-General of the Congregation of the Benedictines in France, translated by Dom Justin McCann, monk of Ampleforth (London: Burns Oates & Washbourne, 1921). With Imprimatur. The hardcover and paperback may be purchased at com. Reprints are also available on this pageof Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey (Forgotten Books, 2012), and at (Wipf & Stock, 2000), Books, 2015), (Forgotten Books, 2016) Indigo(Forgotten Books, 2017), and (Forgotten Books, 2018).
  16. Sacred Signs, by Romano Guardinitranslated and with a preface by Grace Branham (St. Louis, Mo.: Pio Decimo Press, 1956). With Imprimatur. A reprint by Fr. Peter Kwasniewski (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015) may be purchased at comand Sections from the book entitled “Evening” and “Kneeling” may be read at the New Liturgical Movement.
  17. The Son of God, by Karl Adam, translated by Philip Hereford (Doubleday, 1960) With Imprimatur. May be purchased at
  18. The Spirit of Catholicism, by Karl Adam, translated by Dom Justin McCann, O.S.B. The ebook may be purchased at com(Papamoa Press 2017) and (Papamoa Press, 2017), and Barnes & Noble. The printed book be purchased on this page of the Catholic Answers Shop(Catholic Answers Press), on this page of St. George Books & Giftson this page of Ignatius Press (2016), on this page of the Ave Maria University Store (Angelico Press); and at (Kessinger Publishing, 2010), (Angelico Press, 2012), Barnes & Noble (CreateSpace Publishing, 2016), and (Image, 1960).
  19. The Spirit of the Liturgy, by Romano Guardini (1918), translated by Ada Lane (1935). The book be purchased at (Aeterna Press, 2015), (Crossroad, 1998), and AbeBooks (Martino, 2018).
  20. Spiritual Theology, by Jordan Aumann, O.P. With Imprimatur. The pdf ebook (watermarked) may be purchased at Bloomsbury (Sheed & Ward, 1980). The printed book may be purchased at Bloomsbury (Sheed & Ward, 1980), AbeBooks (various publishers) and (T&T Clark, 1980).
  21. The Splendour of the Liturgy, 2nd edition, by Maurice Zundel (New York: Sheed & Ward, 1944). With Imprimatur. May be purchased at Reprints are also available at (Forgotten Books, 2018) and (CreateSpace, 2012).
  22. Topics on Tradition, by Fr. Chad A. Ripperger Ph.D. (Sensus Traditionis Press, 2013). The paperback may be purchased at Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes & Noble, and AbeBooks. The ebook may be purchased on this page of Sensus Traditionis Press, and at Amazon (whence it may be read for free by persons with a Kindle Unlimited account).
  23. Where We Got the Bible: Our Debt to the Catholic Church, by the Right Rev. Henry G. Graham. With Imprimatur. A printed edition (Charlotte, NC: TAN Books, 2004) may be purchased on this pageof TAN Books, at Barnes & Noble, and at com. An ebook edition that includes Bishop Graham’s conversion story, From the Kirk to the Catholic Church (El Cajon, California: Catholic Answers, 1997) may purchased at Logos.


  • Each entry in the list uses the following schema: <[Title], by [Author] ([Print publication information, if any]). Available on [Website with link]
  • Please note that this is a non-profit public service for the Catholic Christian ethersphere. So if you have or know a worth-it Catholic ebook and would like it indexed here, which will be done FOR FREE, please send me the information or link in a comment on this page.

9 thoughts on “List of Worth-It Catholic Books & eBooks”

  1. Thank you for your kind remarks regarding my eBook, Jesus’ Six Keys to a More Perfect You. As to its Imprimatur: I looked into the matter and found that it is no longer mandatory; however, I recognize that it is, as you pointed out, a proof of the orthodoxy of the book’s content. Perhaps if you could let me know what you would consider an excerpt that shows its doctrinal orientation, I will be most happy to provide such references (e.g., source material such as Summa Theologica, Summa Contra Gentiles, Catechism of the Catholic Church, etc.)

    John O’Neill (

  2. Thank you again for recommending my first Catholic eBook, “Jesus’ Six Keys to a More Perfect You.”

    Your readers might also be interested in two of my other works published in 2011: “A Sign Contradicted: Essays on the Life of Christ” and “There Are No Molecules in God”, a theological exposition of the nature and perfection of the One God. Currently, I’m finishing up a sequel to this third eBook, entitled “Experiencing God as Trinity”, which I hope to publish exclusively on Amazon Kindle in the spring of 2013.


    John O’Neill

  3. I’m looking for books by Jose Luis Martin Descalzo

  4. I see Fr. Ripperger’s jooks here. Is he SSPX?

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