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  • 가톨릭 영상 교리  / Video Catechism of the Catholic Church, in Korean (한국어), English, and sign language, produced by the Catholic Pastoral Institute of Korea and the Catholic Peace Broadcasting Corporation. Approved by the Catholic Bishops Conference of Korea, 2020.
    • (Note: According to the English webpage, “The arrangement of this Video Catechism is different from that of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and was produced as a support material to be used in the catechesis. Therefore, it is recommended that priests, religious, and catechists fully explain the content of the Catechism and utilize this video to support catechisis in the Catechumenate, re-education of the faithful, and Sunday school catechesis.”)

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“[T]he Church has always looked on catechesis as a sacred duty and an inalienable right… [I]t is certainly a duty springing from a command given by the Lord and resting above all on those who in the New Covenant receive the call to the ministry of being pastors… [O]ne can likewise speak of a right: from the theological point of view every baptized person… has the right to receive from the Church instruction and education enabling him or her to enter on a truly Christian life; and from the viewpoint of human rights, every human being has the right to seek religious truth and adhere to it freely…

The specific character of catechesis, as distinct from the initial conversion-bringing proclamation of the Gospel, has the twofold objective of maturing the initial faith and of educating the true disciple of Christ by means of a deeper and more systematic knowledge of the person and the message of our Lord Jesus Christ… It is true that being a Christian means saying ” yes ” to Jesus Christ, but let us remember that this “yes” has two levels: it consists in surrendering to the word of God and relying on it, but it also means, at a later stage, endeavoring to know better and better the profound meaning of this word.

“Authentic catechesis is always an orderly and systematic initiation into the revelation that God has given of himself to humanity in Christ Jesus, a revelation stored in the depths of the Church’s memory and in Sacred Scripture, and constantly communicated from one generation to the next by a living active traditio…” (Saint John Paul the Great, Apostolic Exhortation “Catechesi Tradendae”)