See this online text:

  • “Christian Martyrdom Never Expires: Some Theological and Ethical Aspects of Obedience usque ad sanguinem”, by Prof. Fr. Nowosad Sławomir, Seminare. Poszukiwania naukowe, Vol. 39, No. 4 (2018): pp. 21-30. Available in pdf format at the Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities.

See also the texts listed on the post “Online text and video: “Martyrdom for the Faith in Our Times”, by Cardinal Raymond Burke“, as well as these related texts:

  • “The Glow of Truth: Pastoral Letter of the Polish Episcopate announcing the national celebration of the XXII Papal Day”, by the Polish Bishops’ Conference, June 6-7, 2022. The unofficial translation may be read online on the post “Polish bishops vindicate the value of ‘Veritatis splendor’” by Javier Garcia, October 10, 2022, at Omnes.
  • “Martyrdom: A Special Gift of the Spirit”, by Saint John Paul the Great (Pope Saint John Paul II), in L’Osservatore Romano, English Edition, pages 1, 3, October 4, 1995. May be read online on this page of Catholic Culture.
  • “Truth and Martyrdom: The Structure of Discipleship in Veritatis Splendor”, by Prof. John R. Berkman Ph.D., Sacred Heart University Review, Vol. 14, Iss. 1, Article 8 (1994). Available in pdf format on this page of the Sacred Heart University Review.

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