See this online text:

  • “The Thomism of Bartolomé de Las Casas and the Indians of the New World”, by Thomas Francis Xavier Varacalli, Ph.D. LSU Doctoral Dissertations, 1664 (2016). Available in pdf format in pdf format of the LSU Digital Commons.

See also these related texts and media:

  • Human Dignity: The Foundation of Human Rights and Religious Freedom”, by Dr. John Loughlin, Memoria y Civilización, Vol. 19 (December 2016): pp. 313-343. Available in pdf, mobi, epub, and docx formats on this page, accessed through this page of the Deposito Academico Digital Universidad de Navarra (DADUN). Available at ResearchGate uploaded by Dr. John Loughlin.
  • Inter Homines Esse: The Foundations of International Criminal Law and the Writings of Ambrose, Augustine, Aquinas, Vitoria and Suárez”, by Judge Dr. Hanne Sophie Greve, in Philosophical Foundations of International Criminal Law: Correlating Thinkers, edited by Morten Bergsmo and Emiliano J. Buis (Brussels: Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher, 2018): pp. 111-164.
    • The text is available in pdf format on this page of the ICC Legal Tools Database (linked from Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher).
    • The text may also be read as part of the larger work at Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher. [Note: Catholic Christians without adequate theological formation are cautioned against perusing other essays in the larger work, as they are mainly texts written from non-Catholic perspectives.]
    • Media are also available of Dr. Greve’s lecture on the subject, which necessarily abbreviates the discussion in the text: “The Foundations of International Criminal Law and the Writings of Ambrose, Augustine, Aquinas, Vitoria and Suarez” (lecture), by Judge Dr. Hanne Sophie Greve, delivered on 25 August 2017 at the Indian Law Institute, New Delhi.
  • “Natural Human Rights: The Perspective of the Ius Commune,” by Richard. H. Helmholz, Catholic University Law Review, Vol. 52 (2003): 301-326. Available in pdf format at Chicago Unbound Collections.
  • Our Debt to De Vitoria: A Catholic Foundation of Human Rights”, by Robert John Araujo, S.J., Ave Maria Law Review 10:2 (2012), pages 313-329. Available in pdf format on this page of the Loyola Law eCommons.

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