See this online text:

See also these related texts on the relation of Christianity and culture:

  • Catholicism, History, and Culture: A Dawsonian Synthesis [Dissertation], by Michael Richard Lynch (Australian Catholic University, 2008). Available in PDF format at Australian Catholic University.
  • Foi et inculturation, par la Commission Theologique Internationale (1988). “Approuvé in forma specifica lors de la session plénière d’octobre 1988 et rendu public avec le placet de S. Ém. le cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, président de la Commission”. Disponible sur le site du Saint-Siege.

See also these selected texts and media on the relationship of Christianity and contemporary secularizing culture:

  • The Catholic Church and the Counter-Faith: A Study of the Roots of Modern Secularism, Relativism, and De-Christianity, by Philip Trower (Family Publications, 2006; Philip Trower, 2014). It may be read online (version 7 January 2014) on this page though the page of Philip Trower at Christendom Awake. [The webpage states: “Family Publications has now ceased trading. The copyright has reverted to the author Philip Trower who has given permission for the book to be placed on this website.”] A synopsis and review of the work is available on this page. Copies of the work are available for sale at Amazon.
  • Christus Vincit: Christ’s Triumph Over the Darkness of the Age, by Bishop Athanasius Schneider, in conversation with Diane Montagna (Brooklyn, NY: Angelico Press, 2019). May be purchased on this page of Angelico Press, at Amazon, and at Barnes & Noble. May be read for free by Kindle Unlimited members.
  • “Is Religious Liberty Possible in a Liberal Culture?”, by Professor David S. Crawford, Communio, Volume 40, No. 2 (Summer-Fall 2013): pp. 422-437. According to the text, it is a “Paper delivered at the conference, “Dignitatis Humanae and the Rediscovery of Religious Freedom,’ at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., 21–23 February 2013”. The video of the lecture is available on this page of the Youtube channel of the John Paul II Institute. The text of the lecture is available in pdf format through this page of Communio (© 2013 by Communio: International Catholic Review).

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