See this online text:

  • Apostolic Letter “Dilecti Amici” to the Youth of the World on the Occasion of International Youth Year, by Pope John Paul II, 31 March 1985. May be read online at the Holy See and at IntraText.

Posted on the occasion of International Youth Day. See also these related texts:

  • Christian Pedagogy; orThe Instruction and Moral Training of Youth, by Patrick Albert Halpin (New York: J.F. Wagner, 1909). With Imprimatur. Available in multiple formats (pdf, epub, Kindle, Daisy, text, djvu) at Internet Archive and Open Library, with a 2nd copy at Internet Archive.
  • A Course of Religious Instruction for Catholic Youth, by Rev. John Gerard, S.J. [1840-1912] (London: Burns & Oates; New York, Cincinnati, Chicago: Benziger Brothers, 1901). With Imprimatur. May be read online, and available in pdf, epub, mobi, and other formats, at Internet Archive with a 2nd copy at Internet Archive. The 4th edition is available at Internet Archive and Open Library.
  • Guide for Catholic Young Women, Especially for Those Who Earn Their Own Living, 35th ed., revised, by the Rev. George Deshon (New York: The Columbus Press, 1910). May be read online, and available in pdf, epub, mobi/kindle, djvu, Daisy and txt formats at Internet Archive and Open Library. The 29th edition (New York: Catholic Books Exchange, 1893) is available in at Internet Archive and Open Library.
  • Lettre Apostolique “Dilecti Amici” à Tous les Jeunes du Monde à l’Occasion de l’Année Internationale de la Jeunesse, du Pape Jean-Paul II, 31 mars 1985. Disponible à le Saint Siege.
  • Pastoral Letter to Young People on Chastity, from the Episcopal Commission on Doctrine of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (Ottawa: Concacan, 2011). Available in pdf format at Archdiocese of Vancouver.
  • Theology of the Body for Families & Single People, plus Family Chastity Formation in Virtue and Purity of Heart: Universal Truths about Human Sexuality for People of All Ages, with Extensive References to the Official Teachings of the Roman Catholic Church (Kettle River, Minnesota: Communitas Dei Patris, 2006-2017). (Rev: 1/25/2017). Available in pdf format (here) through this page of Family Prayer Night[The text states: “This free pdf version of Theology of the Body for Families & Single People plus Family Chastity Formation in Virtue & Purity of Heart is a gift from parents to parents with the blessings of the Church. Any reproductions, full or partial, are not to be sold; sales, as such, are strictly forbidden.”]
  • The Young Man’s Guide: Counsels, Reflections, and Prayers for Catholic Young Men, by Rev. F. X. Lasance (New York, Cincinnati, Chicago: Benzinger Brothers, 1910). With Imprimatur. Available at HathiTrust Digital Library; and available in pdf, epub, mobi, and other formats at Open Library and Internet Archive[N.B.1, According to the author’s Preface, the work is adapted from Hinaus ins Leben by Fr. Colestin Muff, O.S.B.] [N.B.2, We learned from Internet Archive that Fr. Lasance lived until 1946, but no online source appears to indicate the year of the decease of Fr. Muff. Therefore, while we have assessed as uncertain but probable that this work is in the public domain, we would appreciate further information on Fr. Muff and the text. Thank you.]

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