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  • “The Listening Heart: Reflections on the Foundations of Law”, address of Benedict XVI at the Reichstag Building, Berlin on the occasion of his visit to the Bundestag on 22 September 2011 (during his Apostolic Journey to Germany, on 22-25 September 2011) (© 2011, Libreria Editrice Vaticana).

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“[N]ot to act in accordance with reason is contrary to God’s nature…

“John began the prologue of his Gospel with the words: “In the beginning was the λόγος”… Logos means both reason and word—a reason which is creative and capable of self-communication, precisely as reason. John thus spoke the final word on the biblical concept of God… From the very heart of Christian faith and, at the same time, the heart of Greek thought now joined to faith, Manuel II was able to say: Not to act ‘with logos’ is contrary to God’s nature.

“[T]he faith of the Church has always insisted that between God and us, between his eternal Creator Spirit and our created reason there exists a real analogy… [T]he truly divine God is the God who has revealed himself as logos and, as logos, has acted and continues to act lovingly on our behalf… Consequently, Christian worship is, again to quote Paul—”λογικη λατρεία”, worship in harmony with the eternal Word and with our reason”. (Pope Benedict XVI, 2006 Regensburg Address)