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  • “A Light in the Darkness: The Interaction between Catholicism and World War I”, by Maggie Brennan, The Purdue Historian 6, 1 (2013): pp. 14-33. Available in pdf format (on this page) at The Purdue Historian. [N.B., This text focuses mainly on the effect of the conscription of clergy on the Catholic Church in France.]
  • “Roman Catholic Army Chaplains During the First World War: Roles, Experiences and Dilemmas”, by Martin Purdy (Masteral Thesis at the University of Central Lancashire) (January 2012). Available in pdf format at the University of Central Lancashire.
    • [N.B., Although this text does not appear to have been written by a Catholic Christian, it is useful for containing a detailed study of Catholic chaplains in the British Army as a group during the War of Nations. Notably, it attributed the remarkable willingness of Catholic chaplains to risk death at the front lines to their awareness of and response to the critical importance of the sacraments for the salvation of the soldiers they served.]

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