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  • Vegliare Con Sollecitudine: Address to the Italian Association of Catholic Midwives, by the Venerable Pope Pius XII, 29 October 1951. Variously referred to as “Address [or ‘Allocution’] to Midwives [or ‘Italian Midwives’ or ‘Catholic Midwives’]”, sometimes adding “on the Nature of Their Profession”.

Posted in advance of International Midwives’ Day, 2018. For other legally free ebooks, you may access the List of Free eBooks (Arranged by Title) and the List of Free eBooks (Grouped by Subject). From the introductory paragraphs of the text as published on Catholic Truth Society Pamphlets:

“When you reflect on the wonderful collaboration of the parents, of nature and of God, as a result of which a new human being is born to the image and likeness of the Creator… you cannot help valuing at its proper worth the precious co-operation you contribute to an event of such importance….

“Hence whoever approaches this cradle of the formation of life and plays a part there, in one way or another, should know the order the Creator lays down to be followed and the laws that rule this order….

“Nature places at man’s disposal the whole chain of the causes which give rise to a new human life; it is man’s part to release the living force, and to nature pertains the development of that force, leading to its completion. Once man has fulfilled his part and set in motion the marvellous evolution of life, it is his duty to respect religiously its progress and the same duty forbids him either to halt the course of nature or to prevent its natural development.” (Formatting modified.)