Bautismo de Cristo, by Juan Fernandez Naverrete. Image from Wikipedia

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“[A] man cannot see the kingdom of God without being born anew…. [N]o man can enter into the kingdom of God unless birth comes to him from water, and from the Holy Spirit” (St. John iii, 3, 5)

“A man’s body is all one… so it is with Christ. We too, all of us, have been baptized into a single body by the power of a single Spirit… we have all been given drink at a single source, the one Spirit.” (I Corinthians xii, 12-13)

“All you who have been baptized in Christ’s name have put on the person of Christ” (Galatians iii, 27)

“Christ is the head of the Church, he, the Saviour on whom the safety of his body depends… Christ shewed love to the Church when he gave himself up on its behalf. He would hallow it, purify it by bathing it in the water to which his word gave life; he would summon it into his own presence, the Church in all its beauty, no stain, no wrinkle, no such disfigurement; it was to be holy, it was to be spotless… It is unheard of, that a man should bear ill-will to his own flesh and blood; no, he keeps it fed and warmed; and so it is with Christ and his Church; we are limbs of his body; flesh and bone, we belong to him” (Ephesians v, 23, 25-27, 29-30)