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  • “Christian Martyrdom in the Thought of the Servant of God, Father John A. Hardon, S.J.” (lecture), by Raymond Cardinal Burke. Delivered 13 March 2012, at the 15th Annual Lenten Symposium on “The Christian Vocation: A Call to Martyrdom” of the Holy Trinity Apostolate.
Burke on Hardon

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On the Feast of Saint Stephen the Protomartyr, and in advance of the Feast of Saint Thomas Becket (29 December), in the Roman Rite. For other legally free ebooks, you may access the List of Free eBooks (Arranged by Title) and the List of Free eBooks (Grouped by Subject).

[W]hoever acknowledges me before men, I too will acknowledge him before my Father who is in heaven; and whoever disowns me before men, before my Father in heaven I too will disown him” (Matthew x, 32-33)

“Although not every Cardinal will be called to give his life in red martyrdom for the sake of the Church and, above all, for the sake of the exercise of the ministry of the Vicar of Christ on earth, he is called daily to be intrepid, to give his life in white martyrdom, steadfastly and courageously defending the Catholic Church and her holy faith in the care of Saint Peter and his successors…

“The Cardinal today is called, in a special way, to assist the Roman Pontiff in announcing all of the truths of the faith, but, in a particular way, the truth regarding the natural moral law to be observed for the good of all in society…

“The Cardinal today is called, in a special way, to assist the Successor of Saint Peter, in handing on, in an unbroken organic line, what Christ Himself has given us in the Church, His Eucharistic Sacrifice… The right order of Sacred Worship in the Church is the condition of the possibility of the right order of her teaching and the right order of her conduct.” (Homily of Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, 22 November 2010)