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  • Practical Instruction for New Confessors, 3rd edition, by Filippo Maria Salvatori, S.J. and Antonio Ballerini, S.J., translated by William Hutch, D.D. (London: Burns and Oates; New York: Cincinnati, Chicago: Benziger Bros.). With 1885 Imprimatur. May be read online, and available in various formats (pdf, epub, kindle/mobi, etc.) at Internet Archive. The 1st and 2nd editions (London: Burns and Oates; New York: Catholic Publication Society Company, 1885 and 1887) are available at Internet Archive and Internet Archive, respectively.

On the Feast of St. Maria Faustyna (Faustina) Kowalska of the Blessed Sacrament, O.L.M., and of Blessed Raymond of Capua, O.P. For other legally free ebooks, you may access the List of Free eBooks (Arranged by Title) and the List of Free eBooks (Grouped by Subject).

If, when I say to the wicked, Thou shalt surely die: thou declare it not to him, nor speak to him, that he may be converted from his wicked way, and live: the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity, but I will require his blood at thy hands.” (Ezekiel iii, 18)

Behold thou art made whole: sin no more, lest some worse thing happen to thee.” (John v, 13)