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  • Apparition of the Blessed Virgin on the Mountain of La Salette the 19th of September, 1846, Published by the Shepherdess of La Salette with Imprimatur by Mgr. Bishop of Lecce, by Mélanie Calvat (Lecce, 1897; repr. Lyon, 1904). May be read online at the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
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O Lord, Good shepherd of Humanity, who entrusted to Peter and his successors the mission of strengthening the brothers in the faith and to enlighten them in the hearing of the Word – in this place where the little shepherds of Fatima bore witness to a profound devotion to the Holy Father and to an intense love for the Church –, we ask You that Your Spirit of Wisdom illumine Pope N. in his mission as the Successor of Peter; may Your mercy protect and comfort him; may the testimony of Your faithful hearten him in his mission, and may the tender presence of Mary be for him a sign of Your love; may he be strong in faith, courageous in hope, and zealous in charity. Who lives and reigns with God the Father, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory.

(From the Shrine of Fatima, with minor grammatical corrections)