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  • Catholic Doctrine as Defined by the Council of Trent: Expounded in a Series of Conferences Delivered in Geneva, Proposed as a Means of Reuniting All Christians, by Adrien Nampon, translated from the French, with the approbation of the author, by a member of the University of Oxford (Philaelphia: Peter F. Cunningham & Son, 1869). With the approbation of various bishops. Available in various formats at Internet Archive, with a second copy at Internet Archive and Open Library.

On the Memorial of Saints Marko Krizin (in the national calendars of Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary) Melichar Grodecki (national calendars of Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland) and Stephen Pongrác (national calendars of Slovakia and Hungary), priests and martyrs, in the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite. By the grace of God, may their witness help deliver our separated brethren from diabolical heresy to divine and Catholic truth!

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